Step 01

Client Approach

Client approaches ACCESS PARTNERS for their requirements.

Step 02

Kick-Off Meeting

Team of Access Partners discusses about execution plans, sourcing, etc.

Step 03

Releasing News-Ad

We release Classified Ads for jobs in newspaper and job portal sites.

Step 04

Sourcing From Existing Data-Bank

Sourcing From Existing Data-Bank

Step 05

Screening Of Selected Applicants

Screen the CV’s and shortlist the candidates for interview process

Step 06

Interview Procedure

A multi-stage interview is taken by Access Partner Team and the client.

Step 06

Practical Trade Test

Carrying out Trade test in real work environment to check & upgrade skills

Step 08

Initial Orientation, Rules & Regulations

Selected employees are informed about workspace, equipment, pay, benefits, rules & laws of country, etc.

Step 09

Medical Check-Up

Medical Check-up of candidates is done to ensure they are fit

Step 10

Visa-Stamp Processing

Documentation and Obtaining Visa and Work Permit for jobs in the GCC

Step 11

Departure Of Candidates

The candidate leaves for the job in GCC after all the processes.

Step 12

After-Deployment Services

We take care of any grievance redressal and other issues.